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2009 Fall Grads
Kathy Davidson

Purpose: Caseload guidelines and workload management are important issues in the recruitment and retention of paediatric rehabilitation therapists. This study developed and piloted a points-based caseload measure for paediatric occupational and physiotherapists in early intervention practice in BC.

Methods: Eight therapists completed the pilot caseload measure, and participated in teleconference focus groups to describe their experience and opinions. Data was analysed qualitatively and using descriptive statistics.

Findings: Results suggest links between caseload points sizes and various factors such as years of experience, manageability, client maturity, and waitlisting strategies. Focus group feedback supported the use of points rather than numbers as a caseload measure, and participants suggested various uses for the measure, as well as some changes to improve ease and consistency in completion.

Conclusion: This caseload measure holds promise, following ongoing research, as a method to standardize caseloads across paediatric settings, and can be used in its current form within agencies or by individual therapists seeking a tool of self-reflection, and of workload measure.


Published Online:

Davidson, K. F., & Bressler, S. I. (2010). Piloting a points-based caseload measure for community based paediatric occupational and physiotherapists. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77, 174-180. doi: 10.2182/cjot.2010.01.00

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