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2010 Fall Grads
Claudia Hernāndez Riaņo

Purpose: To understand clinicians' perspectives on the effectiveness of the Stop Adverse Fall Events (S.A.F.E.) initiative and the barriers experienced using S.A.F.E in their rehabilitation practice settings.

Methods: A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with ten clinicians from different health disciplines and thematic data analysis.

Findings: Participants reflected on their practice, accountability and areas for improvement such as using more realistic strategies to prepare patients for the challenges encountered when returning home. Communication and interprofessional work were highly valued and S.A.F.E. was viewed as providing structured support to implement best practice in falls prevention.

Conclusions: S.A.F.E. is perceived as a solid foundation for current and future progress in the area of patient safety. Clinicians from all disciplines can rely on, and build upon S.A.F.E. in mitigating inherent risks and ensuring better patient outcomes. Future research exploring clinician practices related to falls prevention and safe return of patients to the community is recommended.

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