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2009 Spring Grads
Nancy Wellwood

Purpose: The needs of seniors are complex and multifaceted requiring an interdisciplinary team approach to assessment and intervention. Many seniors are at risk of premature functional decline without support to identify, and reduce risk factors that threaten their independence and quality of life. Much of the work in geriatric assessment and treatment involves identification of risks to functional ability and the application of interventions aimed at mitigating or eliminating these risks. A geriatric assessment team developed an interdisciplinary risk assessment (IRA) tool designed to identify common risks and capture gains made as a result of participation in their program.

Methods: Action research methods were utilized in a pilot test that investigated the perceived feasibility and usefulness of the IRA as measure of risks and outcomes.

Findings & Conclusion: Results from the pilot testing provided helpful recommendations for further refinements to the tool and directions for future reliability and validity testing of the measure.

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