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2007 Fall Grads
Dianne Cameron

Purpose: Ensuring children and families have fair and equitable access to waitlist services and ongoing therapy can involve very complex, clinical decisions. This is due to the diversity of medical, developmental and social factors that need to be considered for each child. The purpose of this study was to develop and pilot test an interdisciplinary clinical decision making model called the “Matrix”. This model was designed to guide and assist therapists and social workers while planning services and support for children referred to a community-based, paediatric rehabilitation program.

Method: Twenty-three participants completed an evaluative questionnaire following the 8-week pilot testing of the Matrix. Descriptive statistics were calculated for demographic and quantitative data. Qualitative responses were reviewed and categorized to identify emergent themes.

Findings & Conclusion: All participants recommended the use of the model for new staff members. The findings in this study suggest that the Matrix is a useful interdisciplinary decision making tool to assist with complex clinical decisions that involve planning services and supports for children and families.

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