Welcome to the UBC Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation

This advanced (post-entry-level) Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation is targeted to working health professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge to meet the demands of practice today. Courses such as RHSC 501 Evidence for Practice help practitioners to find the evidence, critically appraise it, and apply it to practice. The GCR program consists of five courses that give participants the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge and skills required for best practice in rehabilitation. Each course draws on the research and rehabilitation practice experience of those currently shaping the field.

The certificate is delivered entirely online (no classes on campus or summer residences). It is designed to allow practicing health professionals to continue their studies with minimal disruption to your work. Some learners who are not sure about taking a full master's program will try one of these courses first and most continue on to do the Master of Rehabilitation Science program.

GCR credits are transferable to the MRSc when GCR students meet MRSc professional and academic admission requirements at the time they are admitted to the GCR. Applicants with international degrees are encouraged to apply to the MRSc for admission to assure GCR credits can be credited to the MRSc. If a student withdraws from the MRSc after successfully completing the five core (i.e. GCR) courses they can choose to receive the GCR.

Please note, the GCR is not an entry-level credential for rehabilitation in Canada or other countries; that is, completing the program does not mean you are eligible to practice as a health professional. The GCR is an advanced certificate for health professionals already working in rehabilitation who have a minimum of three (3) years of work experience practicing in their profession in a health care setting. Current or past experience needs to include having your own caseload, and assessing and treating patients independently.

Program Length

  • Each course is 13 weeks long and is offered in either the Fall (September-December) or Winter (January-April) sessions. Some courses are also offered in the late Spring session (April-July).
  • If you are working full-time and take one course per session without any interruptions you would complete in 18 months. For example, if you started in September, 2017 you will finish in April, 2019.
  • If you are working part-time, it is possible to take more than one course per session and complete the certificate earlier.
  • Learners are advised to consult with the program director if they wish to take more than one course per session while working full-time.

More information
If you have reviewed the information about the curriculum, admission requirements and application process, and other information under the ‘Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation’ tab and have questions about the certificate program, and/or are not currently on our mailing list, please email us or call 604-827-5374.