Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Graduates!



(2015 MRSc Graduate Sheri Steffen)

MRSc fall graduates include Occupational Therapist, Lisa Kristalovich and Recreation Therapist, Sheri Steffan from BC, and Speech Language Pathologist, Heather Vallieres from Alberta, Canada.

Sheri was the only graduate able to attend the November 27, 2015 congregation ceremony and the celebrations that followed outdoors in brilliant sun. She said, “I was inspired to do my masters so I could pursue a position in clinical leadership and increase my knowledge in the area of research and knowledge transfer.” Sheri conducted research on Recreation Therapists’ Clinical Decision Making in Mental Health in which she explored influences on decision-making that included supports for evidence-based decision-making. She reported gaining skills and knowledge to enhance my reflective and decision making within my practice” and “research skills” as the best parts of doing her master’s degree.

Lisa’s focus on driver rehabilitation in her occupational therapy practice inspired her MRSc research project Visual Field Impairments and Driver Fitness: A One-Year Review of Traffic Accidents and Violations which explored the relationship between traffic accidents or violations and the driver licensing process, and the implications for public safety. In commenting on the difference the MRSc has made to her, and her career, Lisa says, It has opened opportunities for advancement, and provided a perspective on broader topics in clinical practice, such as ethics, leadership, (and) program development.”

Heather has significant experience in many areas of practice; however, working with children has always been of greatest interest. She completed many course projects related to paediatrics as well as a research proposal.

Congratulations to all!