Congratulations to our Fall 2016 Graduates!


(From left to right: Sean Conner, Maria Juricic, Christina Woodcock, Kelly Bethune, Susan Waldron, Kaeli Scott)

This fall we celebrated the 100th graduate from the MRSc program! Congratulations to all of our graduates on finishing their MRSc studies! 

Kaeli Scott, a physiotherapist at the Kelsey Trail Health Region in Saskatchewan, chose to pursue an MRSc degree to fulfill “a desire to learn more about program development and evaluation”. Kaeli’s research "Lived experience of pulmonary rehabilitation participants in a rural community" has given her experience and confidence with program development and in her words “has opened up opportunities for me to improve existing programs in my workplace and develop new ones to meet the changing needs of our client population”.

Peter Haughton completed his MRSc research on "Occupational Therapists’ Needs Regarding Standardized Assessments in Acute Care." Peter reports, “I now have the skills and knowledge to confidently appraise and apply research in my clinical practice, conduct small scale research projects, and develop effective rehab programs and learning materials”. Peter will share his research findings with occupational therapy team members at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

For Maria Juricic, a physiotherapist at BC Children’s Hospital, “The best part of doing my master’s has been the variety of topics covered and knowledge gained through the courses of the program and being able to apply assignments and course work directly to my practice setting”. Maria’s research findings, "Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy: Experiences through Orthopaedic Surgery" helped her “identify the importance of recognizing the needs of parents”.

For her MRSc research, physiotherapist Christina Woodcock investigated "The Lived Experiences of People on a Rural Northern Canadian Outpatient Physiotherapy Waiting List." Christina is pleased to have gained a better understanding of qualitative research and how it can be incorporated into her daily practice as a physical therapist. In addition to be pursuing her Master’s degree and working in the Inuvik health care region, Christina also raised two children during her time in the program.

Four course-based graduates also completed their MRSc degree this fall: occupational therapists Kelly Bethune, Daniela Cavalcante and Susan Waldron and kinesiologist Sean Conner. Daniela describes the opportunity to make online connections, “Often we would share strategies and just offer each other support throughout the program”.