This fall we congratulated 5 MRSc graduates!

Serena Maltais and her son on graduation day; many of our learners juggle career, graduate school and most importantly, family.


The Course based MRSc option is very popular with our learners, and this fall our graduates highlight the benefits for career advancement.

Carmen Lazorek, Occupational Therapist, advanced jobs multiple times while enrolled in the MRSc program, from front-line clinician, to program lead, to program manager, and finally to a provincial role, as Alberta Provincial Senior Practice Lead in Occupational Therapy. “The impact of my studies has been significant. I feel that I have influenced clinical practice and program outcomes. I have been able to collaborate more strongly with healthcare leaders and stakeholders in a way that allows me to advocate for rehabilitation services and the design of the future state of healthcare.”

For Mok Tse Ling, Occupational Therapist in Singapore, the program also prepared her for new career challenges, including taking on the role of primary investigator for a workplace research project and a clinical supervisor role. For her, the MRSc “is an eye opener to the field of rehabilitation”.

Jacquie Riske, Occupational Therapist, describes being better equipped to compete for new positions “it became apparent to me that if I wanted to be eligible to apply for opportunities as an OT . . . my years of experience would not be weighed as heavily as having a Master’s degree. It has enhanced my reflective practice and my enthusiasm for professional development”.

The interprofessional composition of our classes was also represented with Andrea Gatien, Communicative Disorders Assistant, and Serena Maltais, Recreational Therapist Practice Leader, also graduating this fall.

Congratulations everyone!